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Our Tenders
Tender dated 02-05-2016 kadana back water dungerpur for year 2016-17
Live fish seed/feed for cage culture fish in mahi bajaj sagar Banswara dated 02-05-2016
A various tenders of fisheries water for year 2016-17, Tender date 27.07.2016
Supply of Five Mechanized Fiber Rein Forced Plastic boat
E- tender Auction of Reservoir dated 08-09-2016
Tender dated 14-09-2016 Auction of water
Vistrat nivida of Tender information related to 10 Enumerators job basis for year 2016-17
Tender dated 08.08.2016 related to kadana back water (Dungarpur) for fishing year 2016-17
Expression of interest for inland fisheries development through establishment of fish floating cages in reservoirs of Rajasthan.
Expression of interest for inland fisheries development through establishment of fish floating cages in reservoirs of Rajasthan.
Tender dated 13.010.2016 Auction of waters
“Design, Manufacture, Supply, installation and mooring, batteries of G.I. pipe Grow out cages, Fingerling Rearing cages, floating storage shed and Raft for Fish culture in phase manner in the waters of tribal area of Rajasthan”. tender dated 21-11-2016
Tender for fishing at kadana back water dated 24.10.2016
Auction of waterbodies for fishing year 2016-17 Tender dated 14-12-2016
Tender Auction of Water bodies for fishing, Tender dated 20-01-2017
Alp kalin nivida prapatra Date 25-05-2016
Cage culture tender date 21.09.2016
seed tender 21.09.2016
For 12 month as the job work in Mission for protein supplement under fisheries cage culture at Mahi Bajaj Sagar Banswara

News & Events
Selected Fisheries Development Officers from RPSC to submit their Character and Health Certificate to Deputy Secretary, Animal husbandry and fisheries Department Secretariat Jaipur
Posting order of New Selected Fisheries Development Officers
Annual progress of Fisheries Department 2013-14
Guidelines of Inland Fish Cage Culture in Rajasthan
Application Form for Fisheries Training
Swachh Bharat on MyGov Platform
Yogena of Fisheries Department in CSS

Circular & Notices
Posting order of New Selected Fisheries Development Officers
Prohibits the offering of exposing for sale or barter or fresh water fishes
circular related to destory the exotic fishes african magur and Big head from all water resources of the state dated 19-10-2016
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Fish Seed Production
In order to bring all the available effective water spread area under scientific fish culture with optimum stocking density, 368.5 million fingerlings shall be required every year. This would demand seed production of 4865 million spawn and 1216 million fry every year. The total average seed supply is only 30% of estimated seed requirement. Further, only 25% of the present seed supply is met within Rajasthan, white the remaining is brought from other states mainly from Bareilly and Ramgarh region of U.P., Kolkata region of West Bengal and Bharauch and surat regions of Gujarat. Within Rajasthan, the public sector hatcheries and seed farms supply only 13% of the total, while another 12% comes from private hatchery as well as the rearing in private sector.
There are 28 government hatcheries/seed farms exist in the state. Most of the farms are non-functional. The reasons behind this are non availability of water or heavy seepage of soil and faulty layout/designs.
In addition there are 5 more hatcheries in Rajasthan one at college of fisheries, Udaipur one with RTADCF, Jaisamand and three private hatcheries viz. Choudhary Fish Hatchery, Hanumangarh, Lupin Fish Hatchery, Bharatpur and Thar Fish Hatchery, chatargarh, Bikaner.
Details and status of  functional seed farms (containing hatchery and rearing space) in Rajasthan are follow-

S. No. Name of the farm (CCH with rearing space) Functional status (according to the field study) Production capacity (in millions)

Present Production (in millions)

Spawn Fry Spawn Fry


M.P.U.A.T. Seed farm, Udaipur Functional & satisfactory performance 100 Produce spawn only 46  -


Chouhary Fish hatchery, Hanumangarh Functional & satisfactory performance 40 (under stated) - 40 -


R.T.A.D.C.F. hatchery, Jaisamand Functional & satisfactory performance 30 - 30 -


Lupin seed farm, Bharatpur Non functional since 2006 1.71 0.60 - -


Guvadi seed farm, Bhilwara Functional Under Performance 100 10.0 60 2.50(25%)


Kasimpura national seed farm, Kota Functional Under Performance 100 10.0 60 3.00(30%)


Rawatbhata seed farm, Kota Functional Under Performance 100 10.0 60 2.5(25%)


Bhimpur national seed farm, Banswara Semi functional 100 0.60 6.4 -


Silised seed farm, Alwar Semi functional 50 - 10 -


Soorsagar, Kota Functional 50 - 15 -