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Auction Information for all A Class Waters Bodies E-Tender Date 27-10-2020
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Management and operation of agrod fish farm of dist. banswara

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ऑनलाईन नीलामी बोली हेतु प्री-बीड मीटिंग के आयोजन के संबंध में
Financial tender information of fish farm sagrod Banswara
Amendment order of 24-12-2013
नीलामी बोली संशोधित सूचना
Office order for All selected and allotted Junior assistant to fisheries department
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Guidelines for Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF)
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ऑनलाईन नीलामी बोली हेतु प्री-बीड मीटिंग के आयोजन के संबंध में
Amendment order of 24-12-2013
Nodal officer for audit period
Office order for All selected and allotted Junior assistant to fisheries department
Office order dated 02-06-2020
Fisheries Development officers Seniority list
office order
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Shri Ashok Gehlot
Hon'ble Chief Minster of Rajasthan
Shri Lal Chand Katariya
Hon'ble Minister of Rajasthan, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
Shri Bhajan Lal Jatav
Hon'ble State Minister of Rajasthan, Fisheries
Welcome To Fisheries Department
Rajasthan mostly known for sand & desert is the largest state in India. The Aravali hills running from Palanpur (Gujrat) to Delhi divides state diagonally into two distinct agro-climatic regions. The eastern part of the state is of fertile plain where as the western part is of dry desert plain. The state shows varied agro climatic conditions. The soil conditions of the State vary from fertile soil to total desert saline soil. The temperature ranges from 2 Degree Centigrade to 48 Degree Centigrade, the rain fall varies from 50 mm to 1500 mm. Since old time irregular and uncertain monsoon conditions and frequent occurrence of droughts forced the inhabitant to construct the large number of rain water harvesting structures in the form of ponds, tanks and reservoirs.
The state is endowed with four major river basins viz. Chambal river basins, Mahi river basin, Luni river basin and Ghaghghar river basin. About seventy rivers connect these major river system with large number of tanks, ponds and reservoirs during monsoon season regulating in natural recruitment of fish and other aquatic fauna throughout the State.
The state has fresh water as well as saline water resources. It has 4.23 lakh ha. fresh water area besides 30000 ha. area as river and canals, 80,000 ha. waterlogged and 1.80 lakh ha. salt affected areas at full tank level.
For realizing potential use of the water resources for fisheries development and livelihood generation, a separate department of fisheries was established in 1982 by the state government, before that it was a part of Animal Husbandry Department.
After its separate existence, fish production has increased up to 28200 mt. Fish seed production & stocking has reached to 482.41 million fry. Revenue from fish auction has increased from Rs. 97.5 lakhs to 2540.55 lakhs.
Average production of the State is 200 kg/ha.
About 16500 farmers and fishers are engaged in fisheries related activities but with the targeted fish production.
Department is also providing assistance for different welfare schemes as per guideline of state and Government of India to promote fish culture in the State to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the fishermen.