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Auction information for B Class category of waters Tender Dated 10.05.2022 District Bhilwara
Auction Information for B Class waters Tender Dared 18.05.2022 District Rajsamand
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One Forth Senction of A Class Dam
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राज्य में महाशीर मछली के संरक्षण के क्रम में।
Financial tender information of fish farm sagrod Banswara
one forth order for reservoirs (tender date 04-03-2022)
PR 2021-22
Advertisement for the Posts of Fisheries Development Officer and Assistant Fisheries Development Officer on Urgent Temporary Basis in Fisheries Department of Rajasthan
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प्रधानमंत्री मत्स्य सम्पदा योजना
Guidelines for Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF)

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E-tender year 2022-23
One fourth order of Bandh Beethan
Retirement order list of Year 2022-23
PR 2021-22
Guidelines for import of Pangasius seed and broodsock in India-regarding
Three Forth Senction of A Class Dam
One Forth Senction of A Class Dam
B class tender one forth deposit order
One Fourth Order of Tender
Notification close Season 2021 English
Notification Close Season 2021 Hindi
प्रधानमंत्री मत्स्य सम्पदा योजना
PR 2020-21
Office order for All selected and allotted Junior assistant to fisheries department
Fisheries Development officers Seniority list
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 Rajasthan  possesses a large number of water bodies, which offer potential for development of capture and culture fisheries. State has freshwater as well as saline water resources. It has about 4.23 lakh ha. fresh water area besides 30,000 ha. area as rivers and canals, 80000 ha. waterlogged and 1.80 lakh ha. salt affected areas at full tank level.
Fish culture activities were looked after by Animal Husbandry Department up to 1981, but looking to the vast water resources available for the fisheries development, a separate department of fisheries was established in 1982 with the following mandate-
  • Development and conservation of Fisheries resources.
  • Ensure availability of quality fish seed.
  • Increase fish production
  • Employment generation.
  • To promote diversification of aquaculture activities.
  • To earn Revenue for the State.
Present Status
State has made steady growth in inland fisheries during last three decades. Fish production has increased from 14000 mt. in 1980-81 to 28200 mt. in 2010-11. Area under fish culture and fish production both have gone up. Annual growth rate has gone 12.6% between 2000-01 and 2010-11 as compared to the national average 8%. About 60% of the total fish production comes from reservoir and the rest from tank & ponds. While the productivity of large reservoir (55 kg/ha.) is above the national average, productivity of small water bodies (1.2 mt/ha/yr) is far less than the national average. State ranks 18th in the country as regards the fish production.
Strength and Opportunities
  • 4.23 lakh ha water area in the form of reservoirs, tanks and ponds at the full reservoirs level.
  • Fish Farmer's Development Agency (FFDA).
  • Laboratories and technical expertise are available at Fisheries College of MPUAT.
  • Subsidy 20% (Gen), 25% (SC/ST) for different activities (pond excavation, inputs, hatchery establishment and integrated fish farming).
  • Inputs for fish based industries and fish markets.
Vision 2020
We have prepared a perspective fisheries development plan with the aim to achieve potential fish production of 88277 mt. by increasing both productivity & area through stock enhancement with appropriate seed size & quality by the end of 2020 and fish production of 1,36,311 tons with average productivity of 725 kg/ha by adopting intensive fish culture technology beyond 2020. It is estimated that more than 70,000 livelihood may be sustained directly in fisheries sector by the end of 2020.

The total seed demand would be 368.5 million fingerlings/year, while the present supply is only 30% of the demand. The huge demand supply gap has to be bridged-up by producing seed within the State. We have already started innovative scheme for promoting hatcheries and rearing area in private sector under RKVY. We have planned to establish hygienic and modern fish markets in all districts having moderate and high potential for fisheries. Establishment of modern wholesale market in the Jaipur city has started this venture. We are also prepared to start diversifying the aquaculture activity. Establishment of ornamental fresh culture units and fish cum prawn culture under RKVY has clicked the program.